May 27-30, 2020

CANCELED AS OF 3/16/2020



It is with sincere sadness that I’ve reached an agreement with the CBDNA leadership to cancel the 2020 Athletic Bands Symposium scheduled to be held at the University of Cincinnati from May 27-30.


All activities at UC have been indefinitely canceled through 5/31, spaces on campus are going into lockdown, live classes are not resuming, and so on. All campus has been ordered to work remotely. We’ve lost all venues for the symposium both on and off campus for an uncertain period of time. In summary, everything here has been canceled for the foreseeable future. Even if things are seeming okay by the beginning or middle of May, I no longer have the authority hold an event prior to June.


In accordance with this situation, and to prevent our colleagues from further booking travel to an event that at this point is unrealistic to attempt holding, we will instead be looking ahead to host in 2021 (and don’t forget to plan on attending in 2022 at the University of Central Florida!). I am very thankful to those that have been involved in this decision; so much has gone into holding this, it’s a relief to know it’s all not been for nothing. For those that have already registered for the 2020 symposium, full refunds will be issued to you shortly. The two hotels with which we had room blocks have been notified and you should now contact them to cancel your reservation if you made one.


If you submitted a juried presentation that was accepted, I will discuss with the Athletic Band Committee how we’ll proceed in 2021.


If you submitted a juried presentation that was not accepted or a non-juried presentation directly to me, similarly, we’ll take time to look at everything and consider how to proceed in 2021. Of course, a lot can happen in a year and some topics may be more relevant than others by then, but for now we’ll just keep them all in a holding pattern.


Right now, much is uncertain. What I am certain of is how great it is to be in this community of professionals during a time like this.


Wishing everyone well during these challenging times,


With Nick, Krista, Ander, and Terry


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